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Striped Sunflowers Pen Wrap Waterslide Decals

Striped Sunflowers Pen Wrap Waterslide Decals

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This is a full sheet of gingham sunflower waterslide decals in various sizes. The sheet is a normal letter sized (8.5"x11") sheet and will include. Each wrap is sized at 4.875"x1.375" and is sized for application before epoxy. This is a clear laser waterslide. These waterslides do not require sealing therefore they are ready to apply when you receive them.

Waterslide decal application instructions:

1. Clean the surface.
2. Soak the decal in clean lukewarm water for 10 seconds.
3. When the decal easily slides around when gently moved with your thumb and index finger, place it (face up) on to the surface.
4. Place in desired position and carefully remove backing by sliding it out from under the waterslide.
5. Reposition and remove the water completely by gently wiping with a towel or squeegee
6. Allow to it dry overnight.

**Message me for bulk orders**

*White waterslide- for application on colored backgrounds
*Clear waterslide- for application on white or light colored background